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Turkçe The scene is all too common in my beloved motherland. I should have grown insensitive to it by now. But then why don’t they ever cease to horrify me each time? Maybe I am a softie? Could be; but so be it. After all, there is no shortage of though-guys around here. Let there be a few exceptions.

Crime scene is Love Lake (Sevgi Gölü), a tranquil spot for the city-dwellers to take a respite from the hustle-and –bustle of the daily life in the congested Samsun metropol by the Black Sea. The victim and the murderer differ depending on who you ask.

The trial held on the spot, lasted shorter than one before the infamous Three-Alis’ Court.*

According to the proud municipal workers, they were doing nothing more than figting crime, by killing a murderer.

The crime: Eating fish.

The defendant, a cormorant however, takes exception from the testimony of the workers on what transpired; she was the real victim she urged the court.

“I was minding my own business searching for a fish or worm for the cihcks in the willow tree over that hill. Then came this huge flightless hawk and grabbed me by the throat” she is reported to say.

And then?

You tell me what then, I only have a bird-brain you know? How could I possibly comprehend your doings in your immense wisdom and honor?

The verdict surprised nobody:

The crime was so vile it was opined, that the criminal was beyond rehabilitation and reintegration into her family, community or the nature.

“Execution” he wrote!

The mode of execution: Kicking and smashing followed by hanging before the eyes of the viewing public and the media, who not only enjoyed the show but got the biggy for their editors! So proud were the executioners for their victory that they posed to the eager cameramen with their trophy, the karkas!

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