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Omurgalı entellektüel dostum Israel Shamir’in bir önceki yazıda bahsettiğim yazısı:

An excellent article on the Failed Coup by an intellectual with moral spine.


Drop of Light /

The most striking feature of the failed Turkish coup has been the people’s response. The plotters did their routine right: they seized the broadcasting station, they sent a sortie to kill the president, they stationed troops in the vital points, they rolled out the tanks. They calculated everything but the people’s response. As the president survived the attempt on his life, he had made the mobile phone streaming call to the nation urging people to get out and decide their future for themselves. (devamını oku…)

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Has Israel ever attacked US? Not just once, but this is probably the oldest known one.

The day Israel attacked America

Bu da program muhtevasından derleme:

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Steve Sailer (Takimag)

Americans can learn much from Israel. It’s an increasingly prosperous nation that grapples manfully with its problems. For example, when the Israelis put up a fence along the border to keep out illegal aliens (or “illegal infiltrators,” as the Israeli government calls them), they put up a fence.

I especially admire how Israelis enjoy what might be called “effective freedom of speech.” While I treasure the legal protections provided by the First Amendment, the increasing tendency of Americans to pass up moneymaking opportunities that might be deemed “controversial” makes America duller and dumber.

In contrast to America, in Israel you can, say, go see the latest Mel Gibson action flick in a movie theater.

Why? Don’t Israelis know that Gibson is controversial?

The Israeli attitude, however, is: Why not? If some people in Tel Aviv will pay good shekels to see Gibson’s Get the Gringo, then somebody else in Tel Aviv will charge them to show it.

Similarly, in Israel, you can write openly about one of the more interesting and important subjects of our era: Jewish wealth. (devamını oku…)

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… and a few cases of unnoticed infatuations:
(devamını oku…)

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By Grant Smith On November 27, 2009 @ 11:00 pm


US Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell was highly enthusiastic about Israel’s partial, temporary illegal settlement freeze stating “it is more than any Israeli government has done before and can help move toward agreement between the parties.” In fact, Israel has done more. In 2005 Israel reversed settlement construction and its overt occupation of Gaza. Palestinians situation worsened under a strangulating economic blockade and total Israeli control of borders, airspace and maritime access. Ironically, those Americans seeking a permanent end to Israeli settlement activities face a predicament similar to the Palestinians. Peace in the Middle East depends on reversing a peculiar manifestation of illegal Israeli settlements right here at home. These US settlements were built not on stolen land, but the strategic territory of US governance through violations of the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). (devamını oku…)

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By Israel Shamir

The war in Afghanistan makes no sense at all. The war in Iraq made very little sense, too, but the Afghani war takes the cookie anytime. Our friend Jeff Blankfort quipped: if the Iraqi war was for oil, the US lost. The neocons’ desire to secure the realm of Israel is the only remaining rational explanation for the Iraqi war. However, in case of Afghanistan we have not got even that. No Israeli politician ever asked for regime change in Afghanistan . No oil company asked for it. Nobody wanted Afghanistan . It is a mystery for me, why would anybody want to invade and take over this remote and hard land of poor and ferocious men? There are no spoils to be taken, no oil, no important routes. (devamını oku…)

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By Angie Tibbs

15 November 2009

British writer and photographer Stuart Littlewood talks to Angie Tibbs about his experience of Israel’s occupation in Gaza and the West Bank, and comments on how British and American collusion, under the auspices of the Jewish lobby, is helping to sustain the world’s most lawless, brutal and unjust occupation regime.

“Lawlessness must have painful consequences for the lawless, not their victims.” (Stuart Littlewood)

Stuart Littlewood is one of the most consistent and passionate writers on the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestine. His book, Radio Free Palestine, and his frequent articles, focus readers on the plight of the Palestinian people, on the occupiers who are responsible, and on the governments who support Israel’s slow-motion genocide and theft of an indigenous people’s homeland, culture and history. I spoke with him recently.

[Angie Tibbs] Has your active support for the Palestinian people always been a part of who you are or was there a defining moment which caused you to speak out?

[Stuart Littlewood] I’m new to this game. The Palestinians’ struggle for justice isn’t taught in school here and our politicians are afraid to discuss it, so the British people are kept in ignorance. (devamını oku…)

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Wallİsrail Adam Şamir, Araştırmacı-yazar

English Version

Pink Floyd’un “The Wall” filmini küçük, tenha ve eski bir sinema olan “Semadar”da seyrettik. Burası Kudüs’teki eski Alman mahallesinde bir yer. 1948’de Yahudiler Almanları bölgeden çıkartmış, ama hâlâ kırmızı kiremitli eski taş binalar ve bunların kapı süslemelerindeki mermer levhalarda, Gotik yazı ile işlenmiş Mezmur dizeleri duruyor. Mahalle yukarıdaki ağır kapının gerisinde uzanan gizemli Tapınak Şövalyeleri mezarlığına komşu.

Semadar, Neşideler Neşidesi’nde geçen bir kelimeden ilhamla konulmuş bir isim. Burası Kaybolmuş Cennet’in (nostaljik savaş öncesi Filistin’i) popüler bir sesli filmler sinemasıydı. İngiliz subayları ve kutsal şehrin genç sosyetesi buraya gelirdi: Ermeniler, Rumlar, Yahudiler, Almanlar ve yerli Filistinliler. (devamını oku…)

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israeli-blindnessGilad Atzmon – Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land

By Gilad Atzmon • Jan 3rd, 2009 at 17:28 • Category: Analysis, Education, Gilad Atzmon, Gilad’s Choice, Israel, Newswire, Opinions and Letters, Our Authors, Palestine, Religion, Resistance, War, Zionism

Communicating with Israelis may leave one bewildered. Even now when the Israeli Air Force is practicing murder in broad daylight of hundreds of civilians, elderly persons, women and children, the Israeli people manage to convince themselves that they are the real victims in this violent saga.

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