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Israil’in Lübnan katliamı üzerine yaptığım vicdani çağrı, yeniden.

“Karanlığı lanetlemek yerine bir mum yak” Konfuçius

Ağustos 3, 2006
Israil’i boykot, mazlumlar icin yapilabilecekler

Asagidaki Israil’i Boykot cagrisi Londra merkezli IHRC (Islami Insan Haklari Komisyonu) tarafindan yapiliyor, diger bircok Islami kurulusla beraber. Mazlumlar icin yapabileceklerimzin her biri fedaklarlik gerektirmiyor. Sadece aldigimiz mali secerken dikkatli olmak dahi “gordugumuz kotulugu elimizle, dilimizle duzeltme” yolunda bir adimdir. Benim bildigim iki uc militan siyonistler kontrolundeki firma ismi: Starbucks, Marks & Spencer, Paul & Shark, Nestle (Nescafe, Nestea..), Revlon, Estee Lauder. Daha uzun liste icin:
Support the Boycott Israel Campaign31 July 2006Make sure you are not buying from Israeli companies or those that invest in or support Israel. (devamını oku…)

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By Ronnie Kasrils, The Electronic Intifada, 8 April 2008

As a 10-year-old growing up in Johannesburg, I celebrated
Israel’s birth, 60 years ago. I unquestionably accepted
the dramatic accounts of so-called self-defensive actions
against Arab violence, to secure the Jewish state. The
type of indoctrination South African cartoonist Zapiro so
bitingly exposes in his work, raising the hackles of
scribes such as David Saks of the South African Jewish
Board of Deputies. When I became involved in our
liberation struggle, I became aware of the similarities
with the Palestinian cause in the dispossession of land
and birthright by expansionist settler occupation. I came
to see that the racial and colonial character of the two
conflicts provided greater comparisons than with any other
struggle. When Nelson Mandela stated that we know as South
Africans “that our freedom is incomplete without the
freedom of the Palestinians,” [1] he was not simply
talking to our Muslim community, who can be expected to
directly empathize, but to all South Africans precisely
because of our experience of racial and colonial
subjugation, and because we well understand the value of
international solidarity.
(devamını oku…)

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(Washington, DC – 3/26/08) — In a meeting today with Department of Justice officials, civil rights advocates and community-based organizations called on federal prosecutors to honor their plea agreement with a former Univ. of Florida professor acquitted on terrorism-related charges in 2005. Dr. Sami Al-Arian agreed to a 2006 plea agreement with federal prosecutors on the condition that he not be required to testify against others and that he be released for deportation after the end of his current sentence.

SEE: Contact Department of Justice to Honor Plea Agreement for Dr. Sami
(devamını oku…)

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Bu resimlere iyi bakin sayin seyirciler.

Iki futbolcu.
Biri “Isa’ya aitim” diyor formasinda.
Bir digeri “Gazze’ye sempati” istiyor veya duydugunu soyluyor.

Bu iki futbolcudan biri “FIFA kurallarina gore” cezanladirildi + Google arama motorundan bu resmi cikarildi + Bir ulke FIFA’ya baski yapiyor daha agir bir ceza verilmesi icin.

Digeri FIFA tarafindan yilin futbolcusu secildi; mesajina dunyanin hicbir yerinden en ufak bir elestiri yukselmedigi gibi milyonlarca gonulleri fethetti.

Hangisi hangisi mi? Dunyada soylemem.

Konu ile ilgili, Bkz:
Spor ve inanç hürriyeti: Yahudi Balili, Müslüman Olajuwon, ve laik Hakan Şükür

Abu Trika (1)

Abu Trika (2)

Abu Trika (3)

PS: Simdi kafama dank etti bazilarinin niye fetva icin Zekeriya Beyaz Hocam, ve Ilhan Selcuk Hocafendi dururken Deniz Hocaefendi’ye basvurmus oldugumu merak edecekleri. Bunu sorabilecekler Deniz Hacaefendi’nin bir suredir duzenli olarak verdigi sali hutbelerin kacirmis olacaklar. Ayriyetten Zekeriya Hocaefendi ihtisas sahasi unlulerin cinsel meseleleri, Ilhan Hocafendi ise “hukumeti devirmek icin riba haram demek haram mi” mevzuu uzerinde yogunlasmis. Iste cevabiniz.

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Watch and read about Sabra Shatila massacre

Haber Odasi

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Azmi Bishara (Magnus Johansson/MaanImages)

Azmi Bishara, Los Angeles Times, 3 May 2007

I am a Palestinian from Nazareth, a citizen of Israel and was, until last month, a member of the Israeli parliament.

But now, in an ironic twist reminiscent of France’s Dreyfus affair — in which a French Jew was accused of disloyalty to the state — the government of Israel is accusing me of aiding the enemy during Israel’s failed war against Lebanon in July.

Israeli police apparently suspect me of passing information to a foreign agent and of receiving money in return. Under Israeli law, anyone — a journalist or a personal friend — can be defined as a “foreign agent” by the Israeli security apparatus. Such charges can lead to life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

The allegations are ridiculous. Needless to say, Hezbollah — Israel’s enemy in Lebanon — has independently gathered more security information about Israel than any Arab Knesset member could possibly provide. What’s more, unlike those in Israel’s parliament who have been involved in acts of violence, I have never used violence or participated in wars. My instruments of persuasion, in contrast, are simply words in books, articles and speeches. (devamını oku…)

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David Irving was sent to jail for denying Jewish superiority. His doom seals the reign of  freedom that began with the fall of the Bastille.

by Israel Shamir
“Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee,” said the English poet, John Donne. A shameful Austrian verdict bodes ill not only for the English historian David Irving (sentenced to three years of gaol) but for our freedom as well. Never has our feeling of justice been insulted like this! When an occasional dissident was jailed in Brezhnev’s Russia or Ne Win’s Burma, there was always an uproar of protest. Now the only response to the Irving verdict is stunned silence. When they sent innocent Muslims to the living hell of Guantanamo, we could think: they are people of the Third World — different rules apply. A Batista policeman in Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana  had said: some people can be tortured, and some can not. When Ernst Zundel was kidnapped in the US and brought to trial in Germany, we could think: it is a German internal affair. Now an eminent man of letters, an author of widely read and acclaimed books, a recognized European figure was snatched from a civilised country and jailed for irreverence to the Jews.[1]

Technically, David Irving was sentenced for so-called “holocaust denial”. But the concept of Jewish holocaust being the only enforced dogma of supposedly secular Europe has little to do with the Second World War and its atrocities. It has everything to do with the Jewish claim of superiority and exclusivity. There is a Jewish prayer saying: “Bless you, Lord, that you created me a Jew, that you separated between Jews and the earth folks, like you separated between the Holy and Profane, that our fate is not like their fate”. The Holocaust concept is just another form of this prayer. They say that even their death is not like the death of anybody else. We must deny the concept of Holocaust without doubt and hesitation, even if every story of Holocaust down to the most fantastic invention of Wiesel were absolutely true. Therefore the technical discussions of Jewish mortality are perfectly legitimate but superfluous, like the argument whether a whale could swallow Jonah is superfluous for an atheist. (devamını oku…)

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