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Türkçe versiyon

Pepsi Bottling Group management, answered my letter concerning “goster duygularini” (show your feelings) campaign conducted by the Turkish branch. As it can be seen, Pepsi apologizes for the offense and informs that the firm responsible for he campaign was fired. Thanks to all responsible folks who, recognizing the meaning and the power of participatory democracy, contributed to this end.

The letter:

Dear Mr. Yildirim:

Thank you very much for contacting us regarding our promotion in Turkey
and expressing your concerns. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify the situation.

As you may know, in Turkey Pepsi is conducting a promotion in which consumers are encouraged to submit photos of themselves making faces. The
pictures judged most “emotional” and entertaining will be published on a website.
Like any contest, there are quite a few rules and conditions. In fact we reviewed
and approved 25 such rules.

However, shortly after the
contest website was activated, the website agency added several more rules, including one relating to head scarves. That rule was never actually approved by Pepsi.

When we became aware of this rule, we responded immediately. Within
one hour of learning about the rule, we removed it from the website. Now
there are no rules or restrictions whatsoever relating to head scarves.


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Dear. Mr.Foss, CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group,
PBG Executives, Officers,

I am writing regarding the promotional campaign conducted by your company’s Turkish branch “Goster duygularini” (show your feelings).

In this campaign, participation conditions include as the ineligible entries, female pictures bearing “turban” along with those bearing gun, or other pictures found objectionable in terms of public morality.

I, like the millions of Muslims in Turkey, 99.8% of whose population is Muslim, find this particularly insulting for a least but not limited to the following reasons:

1)This is in clear violation of the PBG’s “Worldwide Code of Conduct”. This is particularly appalling considering the fact that it is coming from a consumer goods firm, whose customer base includes all segments of the society and who prides itself in respecting diversity and the values of the societies constituting their customers.

2) This is in clear violation of the laws of the Republic of Turkey which have specific legal prohibitions against discrimination in trade or public services, on the basis of the religious beliefs of the public, which in turn, again in violation of the Code of Conduct for PBG.

3)70% of Turkish women wear headscarves (or “turban” as referred to by the certain staunchly secularist politicians to impart negative connotation thereto). That segment, and their families corresponds to roughly 70% of your customer base. Declaring such segment ineligible to participate in a promotional campaign, is tantamount to saying to them, “don’t buy our products; we don’t want your money”.

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By Israel Shamir

(Originally published in:

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Abe Foxman, the head of the Jewish-Masonic thought police misnamed ADL, easily one of the most repulsive men in American public life, is not as good as a clock, but he can be right once in a while; and this time is now.

The US Congress, this modern areopagus of saints and sages, the highest moral authority of our planet, is about to condemn the Turks for massacring Armenians almost a century ago. 1915 was a long time ago, and the American legislators probably do not know where Armenia is and where it was then. This issue is a veritable can of worms, where nothing is as it appears.

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